Drones play a critical role in all the stages of the insurance lifecycle. Aerial systems can be used to gather important data before a risk is insured, to aid in preventative maintenance, and to assess damage after a destructive event.

Today’s insurance sector faces two negative trends: increasing fraud, and increasing damage from natural disasters. There are three areas where drone operations can enhance an insurer’s procedures: risk monitoring, risk assessment and claims management (including fraud prevention). PwC estimates the addressable market of drone powered solutions in the insurance industry at $6.8bn.


Aerial intelligent solutions help you:

  • Improve safety for claim assessors

  • In the event of a emergency disaster, a drone can provide feedback on the extent of the damage long before the site is safe or accessible

  • Increase turnaround time on insurance claims when time matters most


Deliverables Include:

  • Commercial & Residential Roof Inspection

  • Pre and Post Damage Assessment

  • Emergency Disaster Response

  • Images / Photo / Detailed 3D Maps